Welcome to the UK & Middle-East Advisory Centre

Helping Middle Eastern residents to succeed in the UK & UK residents to succeed in the Middle East

What we do?

We are your key point of contact for any enquiry – no matter how large or small - (personal, public and business) for both UK residents in the Middle-East and Middle-East residents in the UK. Providing valuable, credible and comprehensive advisory and consultancy services in every aspect of your new life in the UK (or Middle East).

Why us?

  • We are expert in all aspects of personal and business issues facing Middle Eastern residents in the UK and UK residents in the Middle East

  • We understand your problems and offer you sympathetic and committed support to help you overcome them, by offering comprehensive consultancy services.

  • We work hard and continuously in responding to all inquiries in the shortest possible time, to meet your needs in the best possible way. 

  • We treat your inquiries with the highest degree of importance and confidentiality and provide simple, easy to understand advice and services of the highest quality, objectivity and implementation.

  • We have excellent relationships with key business partners (Private & Government) in both the UK and the Middle-East so we can get the needed support towards providing our clients with variety of services as needed.

Certified Translation and Interpreting Services
  • We provide all kinds of translation & Interpretation services through our qualified and professional specialists.

  • We translate and certify any required translation to all targeted languages, including Arabic to English to Arabic.

  • We provide interpreters for private and government parties.

  • We provide interpreters and translators for workshops and conferences.

  • Our Linguistic services are available at all levels, from the translation of an email, birth certificates and marriage certificate, university degrees, to translation of scientific research at the highest levels.

  • We can help complete any government or private forms and documents.


Just contact us about the desired translation services, regardless of size and we will be pleased to help.


All our translation services are certified and provided by members of the British Institute of Translation and Interpreting.  

Advising on the social and health care systems and processes

​We can help you with:

  • Understanding the social care system (Single, Family, Children, Disabled).

  • Marriage, Divorce, Child registration, Death registration & Adoption.

  • Searching and applying for Jobs.

  • CV Building.

  • Interview skills building

  • Understanding the labour law and your rights.

  • Filing complaints and following up.

  • Understanding the Health Care System.

  • GP/ Dr/Health Centres registration.

  • Health Insurance.

  • Helping those with special needs.

  • Medical interpreting and translation services.

Immigration and Passport Consultancy Services


  • Applying for Visa & renewal

  • Applying for Passport and renewal

  • Applying for residency Cards and Citizenship Application

  • Any other related Immigration services.

Education and University Services


  • Finding & Applying for a University Degree courses

  • Finding & Applying for Language Courses

  • Finding and Applying for Scholarships

  • Finding and Applying for professional and technical courses

Housing Consultancy Services
  • We can help you with:

  • Finding, renting and buying a house

  • Contract and other legal documents checks

Financial and Business General Advice


  • Help with organising private and business banking.

  • Company Registration.

  • Business Web design.

  • Tax Consultancy Services.

  • Business Management Consultancy Services.

  • Advising on Accounting Consultancy Services.

Transport and Shipping Consultancy Services


  • Driving License application & arranging Driving Courses.

  • Driving Insurance.

  • Import & Exports services.

  • Shipping & Mailing Services.

  • Holiday, Hotel, Air tickets bookings.

  • Car rental.

Legal Consultancy Services 


We are very proud of our strong partnership with top legal organizations in the UK & The Middle East, so we can provide you with best consultancy service to resolve any legal problem that you might face.

If your desired service is not listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us about your enquiry, we will do our best to provide the required services through us or through one of our business partners.